Python for Enterprise Managers

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1 day practical workshop for up to 12 people.

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If you believe that Python can benefit you, your department or your organization but are not sure where to start. This is a short and very informative 2 hour overview on what python is and how it can be uses it in various parts of your organization. It will cover the types of roles and job functions where knowledge of python can be a benefit. It will also outline the types of functions and tasks that can be accomplished using python.


This is a very informal but informative session. Plese feel free ot ask anython during the training.

Who it is for

Managers and decision makers

Training Course Prerequisites

  • None.


Chapter 1 Quick Tour of Python.

  • Understanding Python Programming Language
  • Identifying Target Audience and Learning Objectives
  • Applications of Python
  • Introduction to Different Types of Machine Learning
  • Strategic Importance of Python in Organizations