Developing ChatBots using Amazon Lex

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4 days practical workshop for up to 12 people.

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Chatbots are becoming increasingly important for businesses and organisations, and this specialist training course teaches you how to build and deploy chat bots using the Amazon Lex platform.


This course is a blend of lectures and practical exercises.

Who it is for

Experienced Python developers who need to learn how to build and deploy chatbots using Amazon Lex.

Training Course Prerequisites

  • Experience in Python development is a distinct advantage although the course could be delivered with NodeJS


Chapter 1 Introduction to Chatbots

  • What is a Chatbot
  • Benefits of Chatbots
  • Types of Chatbots
  • Technology choices

Chapter 2 ChatBot UX Best Practices

  • Best Practices in Chatbot UX
  • Things to avoid in ChatBot UX

Chapter 3 Natural Language Processing

  • What is NLP
  • What can you do with NLP?
  • Overview of Natural Language Processing
  • Worked Python example of Sentiment analysis
  • NLP and Chatbots

Chapter 4 Cloud Infrastructure Overview

  • Overview of AWS Architecture
  • Regions and Zones
  • Storage options
  • Containers on AWS
  • Serverless Architectures with AWS

Chapter 5 Security and the Cloud

  • Security Overview
  • Responsibilities of Cloud provider
  • Responsibilities of the cloud Customer
  • Securing your infrastructure
  • Managing teams access to your infrastructure

Chapter 6 Introduction to Amazon Lex

  • What is Lex
  • Why use Lex
  • Examples of Lex
  • Integration with AWS Lambda

Chapter 7 Introduction to AWS Lambda

  • What are Lambda Functions
  • Benefits of Lambda Functions
  • How to create Lambda Functions
  • Example Lambda Functions

Chapter 8 Testing Chatbots using Cucumber and Selenium

  • What is Behaviour Driven Development
  • What is Cucumber
  • Defining Features and Scenarios
  • Using Cucumber to test Chatbots with Selenium

Chapter 9 Lex Deployment

  • Deployment options with Lex
  • Worked example deploying Lex chatbot via cloudformation