Introduction to Web Services

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1 day practical workshop for up to 12 people.

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Web Services are becoming increasingly critical within the context of enterprise applications, enabling interoperability, and messaging between disparate platforms. This course introduces the core technologies of Web services, namely SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. The training course is a hands on course, and you will gain opportunity to interact with web services using XML Spy.


Training course combines lectures with practical exercises that help the delegates to put what they have learned on the training course into practice.  The exercises specifically build on what has been recently taught and are built up as the training course progresses.

Training Course Objectives

  • Define a web service
  • Understand the SOAP protocol
  • Read and understand SOAP messages passed between server and client.
  • Generate, read and understand the Web Services Description Language files.
  • Read and understand Universal Discovery Description and Integration files.

Who it is for

This training course is aimed at developers who wish to explore the concepts of web services.

Training Course Prerequisites

  • Delegates must be familiar with XML. This can be gained from the


Chapter 1 Introduction to Web Services

  • The role of Web Services
  • The role of SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI

Chapter 2 Introduction to SOAP

  • Anatomy of a SOAP message
  • SOAP Requests and Responses
  • SOAP Namespaces

Chapter 3 Introduction to XML Schema

  • The role of XML Schema in web services
  • The XML Schema Namespaces
  • The structure of an XML Schema

Chapter 4 Web Services Description Language WSDL

  • The role of WSDL
  • The Structure of a WSDL document
  • Generating WSDL documents from Java

Chapter 5 Introduction to UDDI

  • The role of UDDI
  • The structure of a UDDI document
  • The UDDI Registry

Chapter 6 Going Further

  • Web Services Security
  • Web Services Implementations
  • Future directions of web services