PHP Programming

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4 days practical workshop for up to 12 people.

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PHP is a popular scripting language for creating dynamic web sites, and is widely used in many major commercial web sites in industry.


This course is a mixture of lectures and hands on exercises designed to reinforce the topics learnt

Training Course Objectives

  • Understanding the LAMP platform
  • Writing PHP script to create dynamic web pages
  • Working with text, regular expressions, and XML
  • Using MySQL to interact with databases
  • Writing object-oriented PHP code
  • Working with web services

Training Course Prerequisites

  • Experience in HTML and/or XML
  • Familiarity with database design and OO beneficial


Chapter 1 Understanding the LAMP Architecture

  • Overview of LAMP technologies
  • Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL
  • Getting ready to develop

Chapter 2 PHP Language Fundamentals

  • Overview of core PHP syntax rules
  • Data types and variables
  • Constants
  • Flow control

Chapter 3 Working with Functions

  • The benefit of functions
  • Writing and calling functions
  • Passing parameters

Chapter 4 Working with Strings and Arrays

  • String manipulation
  • Creating arrays
  • Iterating over arrays
  • Using regular expressions

Chapter 5 Working with XML

  • Overview of XML
  • Using the PHP XML parser
  • Parsing XML data
  • Creating XML data

Chapter 6 Handling Exceptions

  • Overview of exceptions
  • Defining a custom exception handler
  • Terminating statements
  • Reporting errors

Chapter 7 Using MySQL

  • Overview of Data Source Names (DSNs)
  • Understanding PHP Data Objects (PDO)
  • Executing SQL queries using PDOs
  • Displaying query results in a web page

Chapter 8 Writing object-oriented PHP

  • Overview of object-oriented concepts
  • Implementing encapsulation in PHP
  • Implementing inheritance in PHP

Chapter 9 Web services

  • Overview of web services and Ajax
  • Overview of JSON
  • Working with Web services in PHP