Developing Rich Web Applications using JQuery

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2 days practical workshop for up to 12 people.

Only £790 per person

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This course is a comprehensive introduction to the JQuery JavaScript library for experienced Web developers who wish to begin taking advantage of this popular open source JavaScript library. The course can be delivered using either Visual Studio or alternatively Eclipse, or indeed any other development environment used within your organisation.


The course combines lectures with practical exercises to consolidate the subjects taught

Who it is for

Experienced Web developers who wish to incorporate JQuery into their applications.

Training Course Prerequisites

  • HTML knowledge
  • JavaScript knowledge
  • CSS knowledge


Chapter 1 Core JQuery

  • Introducing JQuery
  • Downloading and installing JQuery
  • JQuery features

Chapter 2 DOM

  • Basic Selection
  • Filtering the results
  • Traversing the DOM
  • Writing your own filters

Chapter 3 Manipulating the DOM

  • Manipulating page content
  • Inserting into the DOM
  • Working with CSS

Chapter 4 Events

  • Binding
  • Data
  • Firing events
  • Live binding

Chapter 5 Animation and Effects

  • Effects
  • Fading
  • Sliding
  • Custom Animations

Chapter 6 JQuery UI

  • The UI plugin
  • Getting and installing the plugin
  • Effects
  • Standalone effects

Chapter 7 REST

  • A (re)introduction to REST
  • Using the XHR
  • How jQuery simplifies REST
  • High level calls