Team Leadership

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2 days practical workshop for up to 12 people.

Only £790 per person

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This course is aimed at anyone who needs to develop and improve their team leadership skills.


Highly participative, providing a learning experience that will use a series of challenging and enjoyable leadership focused activities.

Training Course Objectives

  • Adopt appropriate leadership styles for a given situation
  • Understand how motivation improves performance
  • State the benefits of leading as opposed to being led
  • Recognise the impact of behaviour on others and identify areas for continuous development
  • Develop coaching techniques
  • Identify techniques to problem solve and make the right decision
  • Gain co-operation from others by application of communication, team building and motivational techniques

Who it is for

Team Leaders seeking to develop and improve their supervisory skills.

Training Course Prerequisites

  • This course has no prerequisites.


Chapter 1 Leadership styles - the difference between managing and leading

Chapter 2 The impact of leadership style on others

Chapter 3 Understanding motivation and what motivates others

Chapter 4 Giving feedback to motivate and improve performance

Chapter 5 Training and development as a motivator

Chapter 6 Guiding principles of delegation

Chapter 7 Balancing task, team and individual needs when leading a team