Handling Difficult People Every Day

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1 day practical workshop for up to 12 people.

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Difficult people are anything but in short supply. In your job you face the possibility of difficult confrontations with owners, managers, co-workers, subordinates, suppliers and customers every day.This course provides the specific tools you need to take back control, reduce stress, raise morale and increase productivity. You will learn to correctly identify difficult behaviour and its sources. You will be provided what you need to understand difficult people. And it gives you concrete ways to deal with these challenges so that the repetitive patterns finally cease.


This training course combines lectures with exercises that help the delegates to put what they have learned on the training course into practice.

Training Course Objectives

  • Recognise and deal with each of the most difficult personality types
  • Recognise temporary or chronic difficult behaviour and how to respond to each
  • Control your own anxieties and fears while confronting difficult people
  • Stop tyrants and micro-managers in their tracks
  • Neutralise the effects of negativity, hostility and aggression
  • Control your own anger and handle problem behaviour fast and with finality

Who it is for

This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their ability to effectively deal with difficult people and difficult relationships.

Training Course Prerequisites

  • This course has no prerequisites.


Chapter 1 How to Raise Your Awareness and Understanding of Difficult behaviour

  • What makes people like this?
  • An overview of difficult thoughts and actions
  • Tell the difference between the temporarily and the chronically difficult
  • Power issues and the need for any kind of control
  • Insecurity: Obvious and not-so- obvious implications of this major cause of difficult behaviour
  • What makes ?em tick? reasons why they act the way they do
  • Dangers of defining the problem only as you see it

Chapter 2 Your Turn: How to Examine Your Own Reaction to Others? behaviour

  • Internal drive: What?s that tape playing inside your head?
  • Attitude check and a list to help find out if it?s you, not "them"
  • Image maker: How to recognise yourself in difficult people?s behaviour
  • Chart your path to greater self- understanding about difficult situations
  • Worrying your way into recurring difficult confrontations
  • Missing the boat: How to distinguish between self-denial and self- protection
  • The rule of results: What happens + Your reaction = What you get
  • Rose- or other-coloured glasses and recognising the filters you look through

Chapter 3 Self-defeating Actions That Only Increase and Prolong Your Difficulties

  • The waiting game is why procrastination won?t ever make the situation disappear
  • Hints, lobs and generalities that miss the mark and the solution
  • ?One-upping? that difficult co-worker and why it never turns out for the better
  • Pushing the difficult person toward changes they?ll never accept
  • Urging them to like your way
  • Having to be right at all costs
  • Over-preparing for the confrontation that you keep putting off
  • Taking the blame just because he or she is your boss

Chapter 4 Positive Steps to Successfully Overcome Negativity in the Long Term

  • Move from confrontation to positive interaction in easy steps
  • How changing your frame of mind will change behaviour outcomes
  • The steps of the Change Equation
  • Techniques for healing after dealing with difficult people

Chapter 5 Proven Ways to Difficult-people-proof Your Life

  • Difficulty solved and keeping it that way
  • What to do when your difficult-people- dealing strategies flop
  • Decisions, decisions: You always control your response
  • The life lessons that difficult people offer you
  • Practice until you get it right
  • How to speak positively so you can think positively
  • How to predict and avoid future encounters