Advanced Growth Hacking Masterclass

How to acquire, retain and monetise customers without spending more money on adverts

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1 day practical workshop for up to 12 people.
Only £395
Let me show you how the lack of an effective growth model cost our business more 50,000 in less than 4 months.In this course, you?ll learn from my our mistakes so that you don?t have to make them. You will also learn from my ours successes and experience of acquiring users for both B2B and B2C businesses at scale.


This is a practical workshop with case studies and presentations along with exercises to be completed in class.

Who it is for

SME businesses that are spending more than NGN500k per annum on customer acquisition and want to optimise their marketing ROI Entrepreneurs who want to develop effective growth models to scale up their business faster than it is

Training Course Prerequisites

  • There are no prerequisites for this class.


Chapter 1 Growth Hacking Basics

  • The concepts and practical examples of growth hacking
  • The mindset of a growth hacker
  • Growth hacking checklist
  • Understanding customer funnel

Chapter 2 Identifying Your Business Baseline

  • Identifying current offline and online customer touchpoint
  • How to identify and set your Business True North
  • How to set your Growth Metric: a single metric that provide the best indicator of growth for your company at a given point in time
  • How to understand your audience, their language and pain points
  • Customer segmentation, LifeTime Value and unit economics
  • Identifying and reverse engineering your competitors

Chapter 3 Identifying Your Growth Model

  • Four examples of successful growth models
  • How to bake growth culture into an existing system: weekly growth meeting, idea canvass, accountability framework
  • How to set up growth experiments
  • Tracking and analytics

Chapter 4 Building Your Growth Machine

  • Generating and growing your audience through content marketing, social media, SEO and email marketing
  • Five steps to sales process: lead magnet, tripwire, core offer, profit maximiser and conversion sequence
  • Customer retention programmes
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Getting more leads through landing pages

Chapter 5 Bonus: Beginners Guides

  • Beginners guide to generating leads through landing pages
  • Beginners guide to SEO - templates, checklists and tools
  • Beginners guide to Facebook Marketing