Building and Deploying Applications to the Cloud

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5 days practical workshop for up to 12 people.
Only £1975
If you want to know best practices around building and deploying applications to one of the mainstream cloud providers then this course is for you. Whereas most cloud courses take you through cloud features one by one, this course focuses on taking a real application and then leveraging cloud technology to automate the deployment process, whislt taking into account security, cloud platform features, and tools to facilitate the automation of build and deployment of your infrastructure. The course can be delivered using your preferred cloud provider and technology stack.


This session takes the form of some lectures along with demonstrations and exercises to consolidate the content being taught. It also involves a substantial workshop component where students deploy an application to the cloud.

Who it is for

Developers, Devops engineers, cloud architects, and anyone who needs to know how to actually get applications successfully running in the cloud.

Training Course Prerequisites

  • Basic Development Skills would be beneficial
  • Basic understanding of deployment practices would be beneficial


Chapter 1 What is the Cloud

  • Fundamentals of cloud computing
  • Benefits of cloud computing
  • AWS, Azure, Pivotal, Google and the Cloud Computing Landscape

Chapter 2 Introduction to Servers

  • Setting up Servers in the Cloud
  • Configuration options for servers
  • Autoscaling, Load balancing and Elasticity

Chapter 3 Introduction to Storage

  • Storage options
  • Relational Databases as a Service
  • NoSQL Databases as a service
  • Object Stores and Archiving
  • Caching options

Chapter 4 Security and the Cloud

  • Security Overview
  • Responsibilities of Cloud Provider
  • Responsibilities of the Cloud Customer
  • Securing your infrastructure
  • Managing team access to your Cloud Account

Chapter 5 The Paradigm Shift for Traditional Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure as code
  • Serverless architectures
  • Single click deployment and continuous delivery

Chapter 6 Developing applications for the cloud

  • Forklifting existing applications
  • Leveraging the cloud platform

Chapter 7 Leveraging Messaging

  • The importance of decoupling
  • Cloud based messaging services
  • Benefits of Cloud based messaging
  • Implementing messaging

Chapter 8 Microservice Implementation

  • Deploying Microservices
  • Creating a Microservice
  • Introduction to containers
  • Serverless microservices

Chapter 9 Automation of Deployment

  • The Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Paradigm
  • Automation of the delivery of server architecture
  • Automation of the deployment of applications

Chapter 10 Workshop

  • Take an existing application and review code
  • Consider various deployment / rearchitecting options
  • Create an automation pipeline for the deployment of infrastructure and application